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dont you hate........

that after shave itch? ive got it going on right now since i shaved yesterday. its kind of annoying. im usen after shave cream stuff, but man its still irritated. i should be use to it by now since ive been doing it for several years. i guess its time to put a new blade on my razor. or maybe it could be due to it being so darn hot.

since im listening to limp wrist, i guess ill write about them and the "scene". i love these guys. an all gay old school sxe(straight edge.... http://straightedge.com/ ) band. i use to think other gay sxe kids didnt exist. i figured they did since i knew i couldnt be the only one. im thankful for sites like lj, myspace, and friendster. if anybody knows of any other sites, let a brother know. but due to these sites, use "underground" fags can "unite" and find other like minded individuals(faith, music, art, etc...). we arent always the easiest to pick out in a crowd. we dont have that stereotypical gay look or sound. its hard to tell who is and who isnt. it makes it harder since more and more people are metrosexuals. anyways, due to these "networking" sites, one can come into contact with people that they would other wise never of come into contact. i think its great. my hat is off to these sites. thank you for helping me make new friends! who knows who else i may come into contact with....... i welcome all.

im in this mood where i just want to sleep. at the same time though i am full of energy. i want to go on a bike ride, go shopping, driven, working out, drinking some horchata(that mexican rice water drink), take pics, do some painting, watch the sun set, hold hands while on a walk enjoyin mother nature all around, and a weird one....fighting somebody. i dont care who. i think a fight club in dayton would be great. i dont want to cause injury to anyone. its weird, i cant explain it. oh well......i also feel like screaming and writing a song. maybe i can get jason and dave to rawk out tonight and be stupid and possibly work on some 96(isnt that a great name for a band? i think 94 or 95 would be too). good music was comen out then. it was original stuff. there was a passion behind it. it wasnt about being trendy or trying to get popular. it was about spreading a message and tryin to educate people. i think its time to bring that back and get away from everything sounding the exact same. zao was the downfall to the underground music scene. they did something amazing and heavy. next thing you know, there were all these metal-core bands. and now it seems like they all sound the same and arent really doing anything unique. there is a set pattern to what you are suppose to do(i know there was back in the day too cause it was about the chugga chugga breakdown parts) i dont know, i guess im just showing my age and music doesnt mean what it use to mean to me. i dont know alot of the newer bands cause from what i have heard mostly, its all the same. i will say that comeback kid(i know they aint new) has a good sound i think. its kinda produced but well, underground is about trin to sound professional now i think. thats something i found unique about the band overcome. EVERYTHING i heard by them sounded like it was recorded and mixed at some audio college. but it gave it that rawness instead of being all polished. they kept that edge even though when ya started listenin to one of their cds or 7"s you were like ugh. but then once ya started listenin to it it, you got use to the sound.

dang, ive rambled long enough for now, im off to work on excel stuff. hopefully i can excel with excel since ive never worked with it before!
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