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just said last good bye

so i think i just said my last good bye to jeffery. im a little sad. i know its for the better for him. hopefully he will be able to get over me. i dont say that as if im something super special, but we havent been together for uhm, well, a long time and he still wants us to get back together. im his first love. i know how the first love thing goes. that person will always remain in your heart(at least mine will anyways....gary, if you read this, i still love you baby). maybe its cause i had somebody special as my first love that taught me alot. he was pretty much a mentor to me for ALOT of things. he was my first kiss as i was jeffs. anyways, im a little down right now and got alot of reading to do. so im off. hope everybody is doing cool. kinda a downer to an awesome day! oh shot, even more of a downer, speaking of gary...jeff asked me when the last time i talked to him was, i was like, eh, a month ago or so. well, i guess gary might of had another heart attack! oh shot! so i better email him before i go to bed. so a double whammy tonight, eh? on an up note though, it looks like there is ALOT of heavy music comen out tomorrow/later today!! remastered or special editions of mastodon, atreyue or however that horrible band spells there name, devil driver or something, something with demons and something or other, megadeath(gag, but still old school metal), crap................uhm..........i dont know wha tells, but theres alot. i was VERY shocked at how much hardcore/metal i was putting out tonight! for those that care, the new ying yang twins cd entitled united states of atlanta finally drops too. enough about crap, im off to read......im sure ill end up crying too cause im gonna be readin while listenin to some mono. damn them for being so good and dark and depressing! i love it. for those that like that kinda stuff. mono, godspeed, explosions in the sky, neurosis, isis, somewhat mastodon.....check out mouth of the architect. i know i know, i sound lame since 2 of the guys are my roommates, but for real. even if they werent, id still sweat their jocks. they are so damn amazing!! check out either http://myspace.com/mouthofthearchitect or http://www.hxcmp3.com/bands/2682/index.php you wont regret it. only thing you will hate is that you cant hear all their stuff. BUT i can hehehe. even their new stuff that isnt out yet. hehehe i RULE! ok, i feel better now knowing that i know songs that others out there only wish they could get their hands on. hahaha im such a dork. hahaha
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