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man its hot!

so today i parked my car over at a park and rode my bike to school to finish up some homework so it would all be done tomorrow and i wouldnt have to bring my word book, just my excel. and well, man it was hot. it feels good to know that i rode my bike over to school. first time ive done this. glad i dont have to be at work till 600. big boos to work so late though. i think its time for me to get, or well, start looking for a new job. 9 years at one place is to long. i aint going anywhere there. its just a job. brings some money in to pay the bills but not enough to be doing anything really. i know, most people feel that. got to get school finished so i can move on to something else. i know finishin school isnt always a promise of a better job, but well, we will see. maybe a start in a new city will happen due to it. who knows. time will tell. maybe ill feel called to do something else. all i know is it hit me on my way home from cali last year that i wouldnt be here in 2 years. a year is down. a year to go(which is about what i have left of school too, coincident? i think not!). ok, time to go back out in the heat and walk to my bike and the ride it back to the car and maybe cut my hair before going to work tonight. its a little long for me. the back stands up when i wake up in the morning. not a big fan of that. ok, well it doesnt really bother me cause hair is just dead cells. so it can do whatever it wants too.

btw, wish that the yahoo launchcast radio thing had a more diverse music selection. keeps playing the same songs. granted i do like some of the songs, i wish they would play more than just one album off of an album
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