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so tonight im am going to indianapolis to see a choir bell group play at a church. im pretty excited about this. im going due to rick. i went to the one he performed with a couple tuesdays ago and i thought it was amazing. he was like, you wont go to another one we do after seeing a professional group. im like, i thought what you folks did was amazing! this group that we going to see has even deeper "bells" than what the one i saw had. its going to be amazing! i cant wait. he is wanting to stay the night. im not sure. i wouldnt mind stayin but im a cheap skate and would rather just come on home and not pay for a hotel/motel. hes like, dont worry about it, my church is going to pay for it. id feel bad about that since i have never been to his church. he is like if you werent going id be staying the night, so dont worry about it. hes like its a perk of my job at church. i dont know though. im like give me the cure greatest hits and this cd called you will never hear from us again and im set to drive for almost 3 hours. those are my stay awake while i drive cds that i listen too. the cure one i sing along with and the other one is well, its not a stay awake cd but at the same time it is. its all instrumental but its so darn good. thank you asian dude at record store in cali for suggesting it to me when we were talkin about mogwai and then letting me hear it before i bought it and getting me hooked! the label that came out with it NEEDS to come out with a part 2 cause this first one is so bloody good! anyways..... give me these 2 cds and im set to drive back home. its about a 2 hour trip and well, id be set. wed leave indi about 930 or 10 or so and get back here about 1130-1200 probably. id be fine to stay the night too since i dont work till tomorrow night too. so uhm, who knows what we will end up doing. but after school today im gonna have to run home and grab stuff to head on over there. its going to be my first time actually stopping and doing something in indi. ive only driven through it on my way to cornerstone like 4 years and then when i went to chicago. oh, and also when i came back from alaska with my aunt and uncle.........

side note.......

why the crap do bands/artists come out with edited version of their crap? im listenin to yahoo launchcast metal station thing and they playing system of a downs byob(clean album version). uhm, hello, thats not the way they wrote the song! seriously, im not one to cuss alot, but give me a fucking break. screw wal mart and their censorship! why the hell would somebody want to buy something thats censored? ok, speaking of that even more.... i was helping this older guy at work like a month ago and was complaining to me about cussing in movies. he was wanting some war movies or something but didnt like all the cussing and violence. uhm, ok.....lets see here.....war movies? uhm, violence. and people are there killing other people and the other side is wanting to kill them. do you think they going to be on edge and cussing? im gonna say yes. hes like theres some company in columbus that will edit the movie for you after you buy it(cause its yours then he said) and they will take the cuss words out. i wanted to punch him in the face. give me a break! im all for christian morals, since im a christian, but damn nigga(dont worry, he was white). you are suppose to be apart of this world and show people Gods love. with you trying to separate yourself by doing something like that you are breaking off and ugh. sorry.... speaking of violence too.......why the hell is there an edited version of passion of the christ? its still rated "r". if people are offended by the way jesus got his ass kicked, uhm, you have no right to have your believe. jesus' ass was beat WAY more than that. and if you dont want your children to see what your faith is based on, you are lien to them. you might as well tell them that santa clause is real and that the tooth fairy is too. go ahead and keep lien to your children even though im sure you tell them its wrong to lie. you are such a hypocrite! no wonder people think christianity is evil. its due in part to people like you who say one thing yet do another! ok, while on my ramp.......there was another lady at work who was looking at tv shows(macguyver...however its spelled). i asked her if she needed any help. shes like, none of these are rated. i said, thats because these are tv shows. shes like i know. i said tv shows arent rated. shes like, when im watching tv they are. i said, the tv rating guide is new. shes like, well i dont know what would be appropriate then. i wanted to just tackle her at her knees and blow em out so she would just be left to lay there. give me a break. older tv shows were fine for EVERYBODY because back in the day there wasnt cussin or nudity on shows. i walked away from here after she said that by saying well, if you think of something you dont see, just holla. screw people like that!!

ok, sorry......

well i guess i should try to work ahead of schedule and get my computer class homework done for thursday since im busy tonight and dont have office 2003 at home so i cant do it there wednesday. so uhm, yeah. im off. .....oh yeah....finally some good stuff........mastodon

oh, hahaha i forgot to mention, dont you hate it when you are brushing your teeth in the morning and ya go a little to far back and it gags ya and then upsets your stomach and ya end up puken? yeah me too. i did it this morning. it was great. right into the toilet full of poo and pee. mix up some puke, 3 p's. nice! hahahaha
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