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ready for school?

am i really ready for school to start back up? yes but no. ill miss the free time i once had of doing nothing. ill be busy as crap this quarter since summer flies on by. the classes are so short, theres mucho grande info to deal with in a short amount of time. its probably going to suck. but its life and i have to put up with it to get school completed so i wont have to worry about going to get it finished, ill be going because im teaching(hopefully). i am just happy that i am registered. the check didnt get to the school in time so they dropped 2 of my classes. they got the check yesterday so i had to go re-register. it just sucks cause i called the people who send the check last thursday and told em that i needed em to fax something over saying that a check was on its way so i would keep my classes. they didnt send the fax like i was told they would. so since they didnt, i was dropped and had to re-register. it was way crappy. oh well, im registered now and classes start thursday morning. YEAH hahaha ............this past weekend friends recorded here with chris common. he brought all his stuff over yet once again. they recorded a song for a split thats going to be comen out with another band that has ex rune people in it too. the song is so bad! i only thought about it cause dave is listenin to it now. its like 17 minutes long of total bad assedness. i hope that something happens to these guys. they are so darn good! i know something will. anyways, while speaking of that, chris is amazing! he has the only hd system in dayton. and well, its in our house(just for the recording). i wish i knew half the info he knew. anyways, its me day off. i should go out and enjoy it. anybody want to join me and so something fun?
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