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man, did it again

so here i sit because i was surfing through profiles on biggercity. i came across a dude that was looking kinda hot. since he was hot, i clicked on his web page info, which brought me here. i was surfing his page and came across a friend of his. he too was hot. so i was checking him out. hes on top of his journal. he adds pics. good pics. interesting pics that i like bunches, well, most of em. and well, so i clicked on his info then to see more about him, and i see his aim name. im like well, holy crap, ive talked ot him before via aim. so i added him to yahoo since ya know how i like never sign onto aim anymore since i dont have aol and have dsl and my yahoo stuff is always there. anyways.....maybe i will do this for a week and then forget it yet again. who knows? oh well, off to eating left over clouds over meadows(fried tofu with rice and i think spinach). and then off to work. cant wait! hahaha oh shot, btw, i think amy and i are going to go to goth night tonight at masque. hahaha should be interesting. kinda looking forward to it. the music will be better than those brittney spears through her head or cher remixes.
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