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slowly but surely

the place is comen together alright. i think were gonna rearrange things. amy wants to do it up and change things around. i kinda like it how it is though. need to find a place for the table and chairs that i brought over today though. i put a sofa in my room too. so its comen along. i still got more to bring over though. thinkin about buying a new computer desk for down stairs too at work tomorrow and putting it all together and all that fun stuff that goes along with putting furn together. got to bring over a book shelf too. either that or make one with cement bricks and some wood. i might do that so my mom can keep the books where she has em and use the one in my old room too. i think the wood and concrete bricks would look cool too.

anyways, i got to be getting to bed and i still have to take alot of crap off my bed. ugh, i cant wait to be all settled in and not have to worry about unboxing stuff!
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