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its about time........

so tonight i finally did my first recording! im so excited! its comen along great! we got everything done except for the vocals. were gonna do those tomorrow/later today. after this, jason says theres 2 other songs we can do before we get the basement all up so we can do an entire band. so far we got keyboard, a couple tracks of guitar, and some samples/noise. tomorrow i think were gonna finish this song, well at least get everything recorded and work on the mix later and work on some hip hop stuff with terry. im kinda nervouse to let them hear the song i did. i like it but my self esteem aint the greatest. oh crap....finally after like ayears wait, i got the cd from nathan that he was tellin us all that he was going to send out. i havent listened to mine yet, but on the way back from listening to what jason and i did tonight in his car, he put it in and the first song blew me away. im like holy crap! i know people that would love this! it was sssooooooo good sounding!!! i wish he would of come up here like he said he was going too at the workshop so i could of been apart of the recording and mastering of it. such is life though. speaking of mastering. jason asked me if i had any mastering software to mastrer his stuff. im like nope i dont. hes like ok good deal, ill take it to chris then cause he said he would do anything i do for free. so i thought that could be cool for chris to be like, who recorded ya? and jason tell him me and have him be all, this is good. at least thats what i would hope. hopefully he wouldnt be like, man that kid sucks donkee balls!!

anyways, i got to get to bed. hopefully bringin everything left over to the crib if all goes well. hopefully it does. well, everything except the book shelf thing i need the most. oh well, ill get it soon enough.

enough for now. i must go to bed.
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