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tired, a little upset, but yet calm

so joshua and i talked about some issues that were bothering him. i think things look good. he told his mom we were daten which i think is awesome. she asked when we could meet? i think thats really awesome!!

anyways....so jason just came up to my room and asked me if i could borrow a cd, im all like sure, and go to get it and its not there. im like where the crap is it? i dont know. im like who would i have let borrow this? its the dillinger escape plan with mike patton. im like, crap! im like the only person i can see borrowing that would be tyler. but then i sit down and i think......i think i let ehron borrow that at work. i think he has it cause i couldnt figure out how to burn it because of the video on it. yeah he has to have it. i have to get that back from him since hes moven in august.

speaking of work, i got to get to bed. alarms going off in less than 6 hours. i got to stop staying up so late! at least i was productive tonight. i cleaned out my aol mail to where i dont have to scroll anymore. now i have to focus on the over 450 emails in another account on yahoo that all the posts to bears4christ go to. yeah, i got to work on that. i worked on it 2 nights ago and got rid of 30 but 30 is nothing really when theres over 450.

ugh....yeah sleep is great!

so off i go
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