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all sore

ok, so right now im happy that joshua went to visit his friend. im kinda feeling like im comen down with something. im all feeling sore like ya feel when ya comen down with something. this sucks donkey balls! in case you didnt know, thats not a good thing!!

ok, so i didnt go to yellowpsrings. i stayed home. i jumped in the pool and about froze when i got out. my nipples were all hard and i was all shaken. now that im dried off i feel a little better. i dont understand kazaa. i click all this stuff to download and nothing downloads. others can download from me, but i havent been able to download stuff from people for a little while. maybe i need to delete it and install it again. maybe kazaalite has an update? i dont know. i like kazaalite more because they dont have those annoying pop ups. man im glad those pop ups went bye bye with kazaa lite or else i would of been like, man im not downloading anything anymore. maybe that would be a good thing though in the long run so then i cant get sued by all these record labels that make tons of money as it is. like im hurting their sales. ugh....ok i cant go off about this right now cause i got to get ready to go to dayton. btw...john zorn rules!! i wish we sold his stuff at work so i didnt have to go to some other store and pay like 20 bucks a cd for one of his. i hate paying that much for a cd!! thats high way robbery/rape! nuff nuff josh, get going.....ok.....bye
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