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why am i aching?

ok, so i was all ready to write in my journal, but its not letting me sign in. so instead im writing an email to myself and im going to cut and paste this puppy later on tonight when i will hopefully be able to sign in and add a new entry cause i got a lot to talk about(its actually no july 14th-allies birthday is the 15th!!!- at 1:41am but this was all written july 13 at 6:26pm).

so im missing joshua. hes not in the state as im writing this. he went to visit an old friend of his from when he lived in cinci i do believe. i think hes in virginia or west virginia, i cant recall right now. he said he will probably come back monday night. we talked a couple times last night on his way over there. hes such a sweetie. i wish i could of gone with him, but its for the better i think. dont want to get burned out on eachother right from the get go, which i dont think would happen, but it would suck though cause we would be spending all this time together now and then not be able to keep up with the time being spent with eachother after this for awhile. im not looking forward to not being able to see him whenever i want too. thats one thing that was nice with my other 2 relationships that i was in. they both lived less than 30 mins away. now joshua doesnt live much more than that, its like 45-60 mins but still it sucks. its another city and so we cant drive like half way and kick it somewhere, other than at a semi parking lot/gas station or something in london hahaha. i also wish he had something other than a pay as ya go phone. i dont want to "waste" his minutes calling him. he doesnt use the home phone where he lives, or well, hes not suppose too cause he doesnt pay for it. i kinda understand that though, why pay for it when ya dont use it? they have cable modem, so i wouldnt need a house phone either since i got a cell. my plan is something that i want to get changed too since im gonna be moven out and gonna be usen my cell more, well most likely. and with joshua and tyler and danny all being long distance calls, it not like i can just be like hey, call my house phone since its all long distance(well except for danny since he has free nights and weekends and does end up calling me at all wee hours of the night).

talking about moving out. we have an appointment to check a place out monday morning. i dont know about the place. the neighbors are kinda right on top of eachother. the house itself looks alright, but i dont know. well see when we get there. i think bruce and jason are all sold on it right now. im like, we havent even seen the inside yet. it does come with a wash, dryer, range/stove, and refrigerator so all thats sweet. and the location isnt really bad. it has easy access to 35. not to far from downtown so we can ride bikes downtown as well as bike paths.

totally different subject now......pain. my back and neck and left shoulder are all bothering me. its kidna weird, right now my lower back is kinda bothering me but yet its kinda enjoyable. kinda orgasmic. its weird. but last night after going to dons, my left shoulder started to hurt and just got worse as the night went on. i dont know why either. i also kinda feel like i might be starting to come down with something. so this morning after work(had a stupid meeting) i came right home and get in bed. i slept till like 230-245 when i was woken by a phone call. i think i could of slept much longer. instead of trying to go back to sleep i called jason to see wha the was doing. he had band practice in like an hour and a half so we didnt do anything. hes gonna call me after practice possibly around 730 or so. i think im gonna go jump in the pool just for a sec and cool off(my rooms burning up) and then maybe go to yellowsprings for a bit and then head on down to dayton for the show tonight as well as who knows what before it. i think its gonna be all good. i wish joshua could see it. i think he would dig both bands i know playin. elliott and the fire science.

ok so yeah im heading off now. i cant deal with the hot hot heat anymore going on in my room. oh speaking of them, might go see them with bruce in cinci or columbus. and my friends still suck balls cause none of them want to go to krazyfest. anybody reading this that wants to go, let me know!!!! ill drive and get everything ready for us. all you need to worry about it money to get in and money to help pay for the room. ill get the room and do all the driving. come on folks.....check its site out.....its gonna be great!! http://krazyfest.com

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