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unashamed's Journal
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Date:2007-01-22 00:17
Subject:intro to my maple syrup documentary

it is a rough edit. i know i need to work on it, but at least i got something done. let me know what ya think.

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Date:2007-01-17 20:57

if class is going to be canceled, the teacher should let his students know or something. a simple email would be nice! glad the room was open though so i could use it and use that time as a lab. i messed around with final cut. i think vegas is easier as well as pc's. still not a fan of macs.

i should get off of here and work on my intro for the doc or work on a painting. ok, im off. wish me luck.

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Date:2007-01-14 12:12
Subject:.....start again

i guess i will try to start to write on here yet again. who knows how long it will last.

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Date:2005-06-28 09:45
Subject:dont you hate........

that after shave itch? ive got it going on right now since i shaved yesterday. its kind of annoying. im usen after shave cream stuff, but man its still irritated. i should be use to it by now since ive been doing it for several years. i guess its time to put a new blade on my razor. or maybe it could be due to it being so darn hot.

since im listening to limp wrist, i guess ill write about them and the "scene". i love these guys. an all gay old school sxe(straight edge.... http://straightedge.com/ ) band. i use to think other gay sxe kids didnt exist. i figured they did since i knew i couldnt be the only one. im thankful for sites like lj, myspace, and friendster. if anybody knows of any other sites, let a brother know. but due to these sites, use "underground" fags can "unite" and find other like minded individuals(faith, music, art, etc...). we arent always the easiest to pick out in a crowd. we dont have that stereotypical gay look or sound. its hard to tell who is and who isnt. it makes it harder since more and more people are metrosexuals. anyways, due to these "networking" sites, one can come into contact with people that they would other wise never of come into contact. i think its great. my hat is off to these sites. thank you for helping me make new friends! who knows who else i may come into contact with....... i welcome all.

im in this mood where i just want to sleep. at the same time though i am full of energy. i want to go on a bike ride, go shopping, driven, working out, drinking some horchata(that mexican rice water drink), take pics, do some painting, watch the sun set, hold hands while on a walk enjoyin mother nature all around, and a weird one....fighting somebody. i dont care who. i think a fight club in dayton would be great. i dont want to cause injury to anyone. its weird, i cant explain it. oh well......i also feel like screaming and writing a song. maybe i can get jason and dave to rawk out tonight and be stupid and possibly work on some 96(isnt that a great name for a band? i think 94 or 95 would be too). good music was comen out then. it was original stuff. there was a passion behind it. it wasnt about being trendy or trying to get popular. it was about spreading a message and tryin to educate people. i think its time to bring that back and get away from everything sounding the exact same. zao was the downfall to the underground music scene. they did something amazing and heavy. next thing you know, there were all these metal-core bands. and now it seems like they all sound the same and arent really doing anything unique. there is a set pattern to what you are suppose to do(i know there was back in the day too cause it was about the chugga chugga breakdown parts) i dont know, i guess im just showing my age and music doesnt mean what it use to mean to me. i dont know alot of the newer bands cause from what i have heard mostly, its all the same. i will say that comeback kid(i know they aint new) has a good sound i think. its kinda produced but well, underground is about trin to sound professional now i think. thats something i found unique about the band overcome. EVERYTHING i heard by them sounded like it was recorded and mixed at some audio college. but it gave it that rawness instead of being all polished. they kept that edge even though when ya started listenin to one of their cds or 7"s you were like ugh. but then once ya started listenin to it it, you got use to the sound.

dang, ive rambled long enough for now, im off to work on excel stuff. hopefully i can excel with excel since ive never worked with it before!

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Date:2005-06-28 00:54
Subject:just said last good bye

so i think i just said my last good bye to jeffery. im a little sad. i know its for the better for him. hopefully he will be able to get over me. i dont say that as if im something super special, but we havent been together for uhm, well, a long time and he still wants us to get back together. im his first love. i know how the first love thing goes. that person will always remain in your heart(at least mine will anyways....gary, if you read this, i still love you baby). maybe its cause i had somebody special as my first love that taught me alot. he was pretty much a mentor to me for ALOT of things. he was my first kiss as i was jeffs. anyways, im a little down right now and got alot of reading to do. so im off. hope everybody is doing cool. kinda a downer to an awesome day! oh shot, even more of a downer, speaking of gary...jeff asked me when the last time i talked to him was, i was like, eh, a month ago or so. well, i guess gary might of had another heart attack! oh shot! so i better email him before i go to bed. so a double whammy tonight, eh? on an up note though, it looks like there is ALOT of heavy music comen out tomorrow/later today!! remastered or special editions of mastodon, atreyue or however that horrible band spells there name, devil driver or something, something with demons and something or other, megadeath(gag, but still old school metal), crap................uhm..........i dont know wha tells, but theres alot. i was VERY shocked at how much hardcore/metal i was putting out tonight! for those that care, the new ying yang twins cd entitled united states of atlanta finally drops too. enough about crap, im off to read......im sure ill end up crying too cause im gonna be readin while listenin to some mono. damn them for being so good and dark and depressing! i love it. for those that like that kinda stuff. mono, godspeed, explosions in the sky, neurosis, isis, somewhat mastodon.....check out mouth of the architect. i know i know, i sound lame since 2 of the guys are my roommates, but for real. even if they werent, id still sweat their jocks. they are so damn amazing!! check out either http://myspace.com/mouthofthearchitect or http://www.hxcmp3.com/bands/2682/index.php you wont regret it. only thing you will hate is that you cant hear all their stuff. BUT i can hehehe. even their new stuff that isnt out yet. hehehe i RULE! ok, i feel better now knowing that i know songs that others out there only wish they could get their hands on. hahaha im such a dork. hahaha

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Date:2005-06-27 16:01
Subject:man its hot!

so today i parked my car over at a park and rode my bike to school to finish up some homework so it would all be done tomorrow and i wouldnt have to bring my word book, just my excel. and well, man it was hot. it feels good to know that i rode my bike over to school. first time ive done this. glad i dont have to be at work till 600. big boos to work so late though. i think its time for me to get, or well, start looking for a new job. 9 years at one place is to long. i aint going anywhere there. its just a job. brings some money in to pay the bills but not enough to be doing anything really. i know, most people feel that. got to get school finished so i can move on to something else. i know finishin school isnt always a promise of a better job, but well, we will see. maybe a start in a new city will happen due to it. who knows. time will tell. maybe ill feel called to do something else. all i know is it hit me on my way home from cali last year that i wouldnt be here in 2 years. a year is down. a year to go(which is about what i have left of school too, coincident? i think not!). ok, time to go back out in the heat and walk to my bike and the ride it back to the car and maybe cut my hair before going to work tonight. its a little long for me. the back stands up when i wake up in the morning. not a big fan of that. ok, well it doesnt really bother me cause hair is just dead cells. so it can do whatever it wants too.

btw, wish that the yahoo launchcast radio thing had a more diverse music selection. keeps playing the same songs. granted i do like some of the songs, i wish they would play more than just one album off of an album

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Date:2005-06-23 11:52
Subject:concert was cool

so the hand bell concert thing was pretty sweet. if somebody played the pipe organ and some harps, i just might of wet myself. the bells by themselves were very good. kinda crazy, but the next morning they were on the bob and tom show. i talked to a guy at work once i got to work yesterday and i told him what i did the night before and he was like there was a bell thing on bob and tom. and im like oh shot, yeap, thats them. i saw em. kinda crazy. if any of you get a chance to go to a choir bell concert, i recommend it! nuff for now, gotta work on next weeks homework.

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Date:2005-06-21 10:07

so tonight im am going to indianapolis to see a choir bell group play at a church. im pretty excited about this. im going due to rick. i went to the one he performed with a couple tuesdays ago and i thought it was amazing. he was like, you wont go to another one we do after seeing a professional group. im like, i thought what you folks did was amazing! this group that we going to see has even deeper "bells" than what the one i saw had. its going to be amazing! i cant wait. he is wanting to stay the night. im not sure. i wouldnt mind stayin but im a cheap skate and would rather just come on home and not pay for a hotel/motel. hes like, dont worry about it, my church is going to pay for it. id feel bad about that since i have never been to his church. he is like if you werent going id be staying the night, so dont worry about it. hes like its a perk of my job at church. i dont know though. im like give me the cure greatest hits and this cd called you will never hear from us again and im set to drive for almost 3 hours. those are my stay awake while i drive cds that i listen too. the cure one i sing along with and the other one is well, its not a stay awake cd but at the same time it is. its all instrumental but its so darn good. thank you asian dude at record store in cali for suggesting it to me when we were talkin about mogwai and then letting me hear it before i bought it and getting me hooked! the label that came out with it NEEDS to come out with a part 2 cause this first one is so bloody good! anyways..... give me these 2 cds and im set to drive back home. its about a 2 hour trip and well, id be set. wed leave indi about 930 or 10 or so and get back here about 1130-1200 probably. id be fine to stay the night too since i dont work till tomorrow night too. so uhm, who knows what we will end up doing. but after school today im gonna have to run home and grab stuff to head on over there. its going to be my first time actually stopping and doing something in indi. ive only driven through it on my way to cornerstone like 4 years and then when i went to chicago. oh, and also when i came back from alaska with my aunt and uncle.........

side note.......

why the crap do bands/artists come out with edited version of their crap? im listenin to yahoo launchcast metal station thing and they playing system of a downs byob(clean album version). uhm, hello, thats not the way they wrote the song! seriously, im not one to cuss alot, but give me a fucking break. screw wal mart and their censorship! why the hell would somebody want to buy something thats censored? ok, speaking of that even more.... i was helping this older guy at work like a month ago and was complaining to me about cussing in movies. he was wanting some war movies or something but didnt like all the cussing and violence. uhm, ok.....lets see here.....war movies? uhm, violence. and people are there killing other people and the other side is wanting to kill them. do you think they going to be on edge and cussing? im gonna say yes. hes like theres some company in columbus that will edit the movie for you after you buy it(cause its yours then he said) and they will take the cuss words out. i wanted to punch him in the face. give me a break! im all for christian morals, since im a christian, but damn nigga(dont worry, he was white). you are suppose to be apart of this world and show people Gods love. with you trying to separate yourself by doing something like that you are breaking off and ugh. sorry.... speaking of violence too.......why the hell is there an edited version of passion of the christ? its still rated "r". if people are offended by the way jesus got his ass kicked, uhm, you have no right to have your believe. jesus' ass was beat WAY more than that. and if you dont want your children to see what your faith is based on, you are lien to them. you might as well tell them that santa clause is real and that the tooth fairy is too. go ahead and keep lien to your children even though im sure you tell them its wrong to lie. you are such a hypocrite! no wonder people think christianity is evil. its due in part to people like you who say one thing yet do another! ok, while on my ramp.......there was another lady at work who was looking at tv shows(macguyver...however its spelled). i asked her if she needed any help. shes like, none of these are rated. i said, thats because these are tv shows. shes like i know. i said tv shows arent rated. shes like, when im watching tv they are. i said, the tv rating guide is new. shes like, well i dont know what would be appropriate then. i wanted to just tackle her at her knees and blow em out so she would just be left to lay there. give me a break. older tv shows were fine for EVERYBODY because back in the day there wasnt cussin or nudity on shows. i walked away from here after she said that by saying well, if you think of something you dont see, just holla. screw people like that!!

ok, sorry......

well i guess i should try to work ahead of schedule and get my computer class homework done for thursday since im busy tonight and dont have office 2003 at home so i cant do it there wednesday. so uhm, yeah. im off. .....oh yeah....finally some good stuff........mastodon

oh, hahaha i forgot to mention, dont you hate it when you are brushing your teeth in the morning and ya go a little to far back and it gags ya and then upsets your stomach and ya end up puken? yeah me too. i did it this morning. it was great. right into the toilet full of poo and pee. mix up some puke, 3 p's. nice! hahahaha

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Date:2005-06-16 10:23

so far my intro to art class seems like its gonna rawk. the teacher seems way cool. hes done ALOT. been not only around the block, hes been around the world. i think he and i will get along great. the way he went off on a rant about not liken disney and how every place is starting to look the same instead of keeping the small town feel and haven their own personality. yeah. amen! the mall syndrome is horrible. i do not understand why people keep it alive and it seems to keep growing. i know my job doesnt really make me look like im a valuable source for this since it is a major electronics company and they usually by a mall. so i therefore sound like a hypocrite. it is something ive struggled with for several years(yes ive been at the same job for almost 9 years now and no i am not in charge which makes me sound like im a crappy person or uhm, lazy or stupid or something, but i wont give my life to any company and give up my time because they think i should jump whenever they say jump.....i am not like that. i go to work and enjoy the people i work with[for the most part] which is why i have been there so long, anyways, long enough side rant). i work for a major retail chain while talk about how crappy wal-mart is. granted wal-mart is alot worse and has taken over small towns on a much larger scale, all major chains are killing those mom and pop stores that help create the unique flavor of small towns. give towns personality. yes i know it has to do with the people to and architecture and all, but mall areas and retail chains are going to be what kills those things i would love to be apart of(man to think i use to want to move to nyc and be apart of that insanity. i think ill leave it for a place for vacation or a tour or something not). im slowly helping kill them all for a lower price. a wider selection for the here and now. instead of the we will get you what you want. i know we do that too, but i dont know.....man, i got on a tangent from school to work. maybe its time for me to reevaluate my place of employment? i know its not what i want to do forever. thats a reason im in school. and now back to school, for this art class we have to go to a couple galleries. its something i dont normally do. i have always thought i would like it, but then i dont want to be associated with those art snobs. i wont say i like something if i think it really sucks just to be on your good side. im a person just like everybody else and well, we all deserve respect. no one is better than someone else, except for maybe william shatner. for instance, we ended up going to this gallery hop thing in columbus a couple of months ago. this one place had some dude that his stuff was jaw dropping. we were all in awe. i cant describe em, ill have to post a link later on cause i dont remember his name. but he has had his stuff all over the states. it was kinda cartoonie and new schoolish graffiti style but without being graffiti. youd have to see em to know what im talkin about. well, anyways, it was me and 2 girls(go figure a gay dude with 2 hot ass bitches hahaha) and i kinda felt like we were being looked down at because we werent dressed right or something. or didnt look the part. screw that crap. be yourself. dont put on a mask and be a fake ass punk. so thats the kinda crap i dont like about the art world. i dont like the way people say this looked like so and so or try to sound all smart either(yo i know im not the smartest kat, but come on, dont try to impress me with your big vocabulary but the same time dont be little me either), dude just talk like you normally would if you were on the phone talking to your mom or something. anyways, i think im done for now, could keep ranting and raven but ill stop. not like anyone reads this stuff.

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Date:2005-06-14 14:51
Subject:ready for school?

am i really ready for school to start back up? yes but no. ill miss the free time i once had of doing nothing. ill be busy as crap this quarter since summer flies on by. the classes are so short, theres mucho grande info to deal with in a short amount of time. its probably going to suck. but its life and i have to put up with it to get school completed so i wont have to worry about going to get it finished, ill be going because im teaching(hopefully). i am just happy that i am registered. the check didnt get to the school in time so they dropped 2 of my classes. they got the check yesterday so i had to go re-register. it just sucks cause i called the people who send the check last thursday and told em that i needed em to fax something over saying that a check was on its way so i would keep my classes. they didnt send the fax like i was told they would. so since they didnt, i was dropped and had to re-register. it was way crappy. oh well, im registered now and classes start thursday morning. YEAH hahaha ............this past weekend friends recorded here with chris common. he brought all his stuff over yet once again. they recorded a song for a split thats going to be comen out with another band that has ex rune people in it too. the song is so bad! i only thought about it cause dave is listenin to it now. its like 17 minutes long of total bad assedness. i hope that something happens to these guys. they are so darn good! i know something will. anyways, while speaking of that, chris is amazing! he has the only hd system in dayton. and well, its in our house(just for the recording). i wish i knew half the info he knew. anyways, its me day off. i should go out and enjoy it. anybody want to join me and so something fun?

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Date:2005-05-26 17:00
Subject:man, did it again

so here i sit because i was surfing through profiles on biggercity. i came across a dude that was looking kinda hot. since he was hot, i clicked on his web page info, which brought me here. i was surfing his page and came across a friend of his. he too was hot. so i was checking him out. hes on top of his journal. he adds pics. good pics. interesting pics that i like bunches, well, most of em. and well, so i clicked on his info then to see more about him, and i see his aim name. im like well, holy crap, ive talked ot him before via aim. so i added him to yahoo since ya know how i like never sign onto aim anymore since i dont have aol and have dsl and my yahoo stuff is always there. anyways.....maybe i will do this for a week and then forget it yet again. who knows? oh well, off to eating left over clouds over meadows(fried tofu with rice and i think spinach). and then off to work. cant wait! hahaha oh shot, btw, i think amy and i are going to go to goth night tonight at masque. hahaha should be interesting. kinda looking forward to it. the music will be better than those brittney spears through her head or cher remixes.

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Date:2003-11-07 01:31

so why is it i always talk about staying on top of this and writting on here all the time and do it for like a week and then stop? i suck. i need to just learn im not on top of it and that my life sucks donkey balls. ok, so maybe not that bad, but it might. no i dont think it does. anyways.......uhm......yeah........its time for bed. yeah. bed.

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Date:2003-07-31 02:22

ok so one more thing since i read brennas journal..........i must say that ya all suck donkey balls since nobody is going to krazy fest this year either. i wish tyler was here all the time cause i miss him, but if he was here he and i are the show kings. we would be so there. he would of had a hook up via some how and wed have a place to stay and all we would have to worry about would the price of tickets amd food which i could deal with. and then after the fest was over we could go to the cemetary there cause its so bloody awesome!! i cant wait to get back to it and take MAD CRAZY pics again. its so big!

i wish i had friends that wanted to go to shows. oh well, they to cool being all scene or something and not wanting to be seen at shows even though thats how ya get seen is when ya in the scene and go to shows. isnt that weird how people who think they all scene or whatever the crap they call it arent seen that much? am i the only one that finds that kinda funny? probably

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Date:2003-07-31 02:13
Subject:slowly but surely

the place is comen together alright. i think were gonna rearrange things. amy wants to do it up and change things around. i kinda like it how it is though. need to find a place for the table and chairs that i brought over today though. i put a sofa in my room too. so its comen along. i still got more to bring over though. thinkin about buying a new computer desk for down stairs too at work tomorrow and putting it all together and all that fun stuff that goes along with putting furn together. got to bring over a book shelf too. either that or make one with cement bricks and some wood. i might do that so my mom can keep the books where she has em and use the one in my old room too. i think the wood and concrete bricks would look cool too.

anyways, i got to be getting to bed and i still have to take alot of crap off my bed. ugh, i cant wait to be all settled in and not have to worry about unboxing stuff!

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Date:2003-07-30 03:03
Subject:its about time........

so tonight i finally did my first recording! im so excited! its comen along great! we got everything done except for the vocals. were gonna do those tomorrow/later today. after this, jason says theres 2 other songs we can do before we get the basement all up so we can do an entire band. so far we got keyboard, a couple tracks of guitar, and some samples/noise. tomorrow i think were gonna finish this song, well at least get everything recorded and work on the mix later and work on some hip hop stuff with terry. im kinda nervouse to let them hear the song i did. i like it but my self esteem aint the greatest. oh crap....finally after like ayears wait, i got the cd from nathan that he was tellin us all that he was going to send out. i havent listened to mine yet, but on the way back from listening to what jason and i did tonight in his car, he put it in and the first song blew me away. im like holy crap! i know people that would love this! it was sssooooooo good sounding!!! i wish he would of come up here like he said he was going too at the workshop so i could of been apart of the recording and mastering of it. such is life though. speaking of mastering. jason asked me if i had any mastering software to mastrer his stuff. im like nope i dont. hes like ok good deal, ill take it to chris then cause he said he would do anything i do for free. so i thought that could be cool for chris to be like, who recorded ya? and jason tell him me and have him be all, this is good. at least thats what i would hope. hopefully he wouldnt be like, man that kid sucks donkee balls!!

anyways, i got to get to bed. hopefully bringin everything left over to the crib if all goes well. hopefully it does. well, everything except the book shelf thing i need the most. oh well, ill get it soon enough.

enough for now. i must go to bed.

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Date:2003-07-29 02:16
Subject:tired, a little upset, but yet calm

so joshua and i talked about some issues that were bothering him. i think things look good. he told his mom we were daten which i think is awesome. she asked when we could meet? i think thats really awesome!!

anyways....so jason just came up to my room and asked me if i could borrow a cd, im all like sure, and go to get it and its not there. im like where the crap is it? i dont know. im like who would i have let borrow this? its the dillinger escape plan with mike patton. im like, crap! im like the only person i can see borrowing that would be tyler. but then i sit down and i think......i think i let ehron borrow that at work. i think he has it cause i couldnt figure out how to burn it because of the video on it. yeah he has to have it. i have to get that back from him since hes moven in august.

speaking of work, i got to get to bed. alarms going off in less than 6 hours. i got to stop staying up so late! at least i was productive tonight. i cleaned out my aol mail to where i dont have to scroll anymore. now i have to focus on the over 450 emails in another account on yahoo that all the posts to bears4christ go to. yeah, i got to work on that. i worked on it 2 nights ago and got rid of 30 but 30 is nothing really when theres over 450.

ugh....yeah sleep is great!

so off i go

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Date:2003-07-27 17:19
Subject:in columbus

so im in columbus. just got here. i was suppose to be here at 430 but i got here around 500 instead. i fell asleep watching willy wonka on dvd with the commentary. bruce woke me up when he was leaven. i didnt even wakeup when he left when it was over and when he went up stairs. i woke up when he came down the stairs, i must of been out of it.

last night rachele(why is it i dont remember how she spells her name?) made dinner for us all. she made stuff pasta with mannicoti(sp?) and a salad and garlic bread........it was sweet. it was the first real meal cooked there. so thank you rachele!

im now off to help joshua fix something along those same lines for dinner. you all take it easy now ya hear?

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Date:2003-07-13 19:20
Subject:all sore

ok, so right now im happy that joshua went to visit his friend. im kinda feeling like im comen down with something. im all feeling sore like ya feel when ya comen down with something. this sucks donkey balls! in case you didnt know, thats not a good thing!!

ok, so i didnt go to yellowpsrings. i stayed home. i jumped in the pool and about froze when i got out. my nipples were all hard and i was all shaken. now that im dried off i feel a little better. i dont understand kazaa. i click all this stuff to download and nothing downloads. others can download from me, but i havent been able to download stuff from people for a little while. maybe i need to delete it and install it again. maybe kazaalite has an update? i dont know. i like kazaalite more because they dont have those annoying pop ups. man im glad those pop ups went bye bye with kazaa lite or else i would of been like, man im not downloading anything anymore. maybe that would be a good thing though in the long run so then i cant get sued by all these record labels that make tons of money as it is. like im hurting their sales. ugh....ok i cant go off about this right now cause i got to get ready to go to dayton. btw...john zorn rules!! i wish we sold his stuff at work so i didnt have to go to some other store and pay like 20 bucks a cd for one of his. i hate paying that much for a cd!! thats high way robbery/rape! nuff nuff josh, get going.....ok.....bye

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Date:2003-07-13 18:26
Subject:why am i aching?

ok, so i was all ready to write in my journal, but its not letting me sign in. so instead im writing an email to myself and im going to cut and paste this puppy later on tonight when i will hopefully be able to sign in and add a new entry cause i got a lot to talk about(its actually no july 14th-allies birthday is the 15th!!!- at 1:41am but this was all written july 13 at 6:26pm).

so im missing joshua. hes not in the state as im writing this. he went to visit an old friend of his from when he lived in cinci i do believe. i think hes in virginia or west virginia, i cant recall right now. he said he will probably come back monday night. we talked a couple times last night on his way over there. hes such a sweetie. i wish i could of gone with him, but its for the better i think. dont want to get burned out on eachother right from the get go, which i dont think would happen, but it would suck though cause we would be spending all this time together now and then not be able to keep up with the time being spent with eachother after this for awhile. im not looking forward to not being able to see him whenever i want too. thats one thing that was nice with my other 2 relationships that i was in. they both lived less than 30 mins away. now joshua doesnt live much more than that, its like 45-60 mins but still it sucks. its another city and so we cant drive like half way and kick it somewhere, other than at a semi parking lot/gas station or something in london hahaha. i also wish he had something other than a pay as ya go phone. i dont want to "waste" his minutes calling him. he doesnt use the home phone where he lives, or well, hes not suppose too cause he doesnt pay for it. i kinda understand that though, why pay for it when ya dont use it? they have cable modem, so i wouldnt need a house phone either since i got a cell. my plan is something that i want to get changed too since im gonna be moven out and gonna be usen my cell more, well most likely. and with joshua and tyler and danny all being long distance calls, it not like i can just be like hey, call my house phone since its all long distance(well except for danny since he has free nights and weekends and does end up calling me at all wee hours of the night).

talking about moving out. we have an appointment to check a place out monday morning. i dont know about the place. the neighbors are kinda right on top of eachother. the house itself looks alright, but i dont know. well see when we get there. i think bruce and jason are all sold on it right now. im like, we havent even seen the inside yet. it does come with a wash, dryer, range/stove, and refrigerator so all thats sweet. and the location isnt really bad. it has easy access to 35. not to far from downtown so we can ride bikes downtown as well as bike paths.

totally different subject now......pain. my back and neck and left shoulder are all bothering me. its kidna weird, right now my lower back is kinda bothering me but yet its kinda enjoyable. kinda orgasmic. its weird. but last night after going to dons, my left shoulder started to hurt and just got worse as the night went on. i dont know why either. i also kinda feel like i might be starting to come down with something. so this morning after work(had a stupid meeting) i came right home and get in bed. i slept till like 230-245 when i was woken by a phone call. i think i could of slept much longer. instead of trying to go back to sleep i called jason to see wha the was doing. he had band practice in like an hour and a half so we didnt do anything. hes gonna call me after practice possibly around 730 or so. i think im gonna go jump in the pool just for a sec and cool off(my rooms burning up) and then maybe go to yellowsprings for a bit and then head on down to dayton for the show tonight as well as who knows what before it. i think its gonna be all good. i wish joshua could see it. i think he would dig both bands i know playin. elliott and the fire science.

ok so yeah im heading off now. i cant deal with the hot hot heat anymore going on in my room. oh speaking of them, might go see them with bruce in cinci or columbus. and my friends still suck balls cause none of them want to go to krazyfest. anybody reading this that wants to go, let me know!!!! ill drive and get everything ready for us. all you need to worry about it money to get in and money to help pay for the room. ill get the room and do all the driving. come on folks.....check its site out.....its gonna be great!! http://krazyfest.com


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Date:2003-07-12 01:16
Subject:all im gonna say.....

so all im gonna say is 49 hours. nuff said for the time being cause im tired. hope i sleep good in my room by myself. ok, im gonna cry now. wait.......49 hours. ok im better, nut not totally. so yeah..........im falling asleep, in my chair in front of my puter........this sucks. to tired for music right now, so just think past 49 hours. yummy yummy. hahaha

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