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so far my intro to art class seems like its gonna rawk. the teacher seems way cool. hes done ALOT. been not only around the block, hes been around the world. i think he and i will get along great. the way he went off on a rant about not liken disney and how every place is starting to look the same instead of keeping the small town feel and haven their own personality. yeah. amen! the mall syndrome is horrible. i do not understand why people keep it alive and it seems to keep growing. i know my job doesnt really make me look like im a valuable source for this since it is a major electronics company and they usually by a mall. so i therefore sound like a hypocrite. it is something ive struggled with for several years(yes ive been at the same job for almost 9 years now and no i am not in charge which makes me sound like im a crappy person or uhm, lazy or stupid or something, but i wont give my life to any company and give up my time because they think i should jump whenever they say jump.....i am not like that. i go to work and enjoy the people i work with[for the most part] which is why i have been there so long, anyways, long enough side rant). i work for a major retail chain while talk about how crappy wal-mart is. granted wal-mart is alot worse and has taken over small towns on a much larger scale, all major chains are killing those mom and pop stores that help create the unique flavor of small towns. give towns personality. yes i know it has to do with the people to and architecture and all, but mall areas and retail chains are going to be what kills those things i would love to be apart of(man to think i use to want to move to nyc and be apart of that insanity. i think ill leave it for a place for vacation or a tour or something not). im slowly helping kill them all for a lower price. a wider selection for the here and now. instead of the we will get you what you want. i know we do that too, but i dont know.....man, i got on a tangent from school to work. maybe its time for me to reevaluate my place of employment? i know its not what i want to do forever. thats a reason im in school. and now back to school, for this art class we have to go to a couple galleries. its something i dont normally do. i have always thought i would like it, but then i dont want to be associated with those art snobs. i wont say i like something if i think it really sucks just to be on your good side. im a person just like everybody else and well, we all deserve respect. no one is better than someone else, except for maybe william shatner. for instance, we ended up going to this gallery hop thing in columbus a couple of months ago. this one place had some dude that his stuff was jaw dropping. we were all in awe. i cant describe em, ill have to post a link later on cause i dont remember his name. but he has had his stuff all over the states. it was kinda cartoonie and new schoolish graffiti style but without being graffiti. youd have to see em to know what im talkin about. well, anyways, it was me and 2 girls(go figure a gay dude with 2 hot ass bitches hahaha) and i kinda felt like we were being looked down at because we werent dressed right or something. or didnt look the part. screw that crap. be yourself. dont put on a mask and be a fake ass punk. so thats the kinda crap i dont like about the art world. i dont like the way people say this looked like so and so or try to sound all smart either(yo i know im not the smartest kat, but come on, dont try to impress me with your big vocabulary but the same time dont be little me either), dude just talk like you normally would if you were on the phone talking to your mom or something. anyways, i think im done for now, could keep ranting and raven but ill stop. not like anyone reads this stuff.
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