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ok so one more thing since i read brennas journal..........i must say that ya all suck donkey balls since nobody is going to krazy fest this year either. i wish tyler was here all the time cause i miss him, but if he was here he and i are the show kings. we would be so there. he would of had a hook up via some how and wed have a place to stay and all we would have to worry about would the price of tickets amd food which i could deal with. and then after the fest was over we could go to the cemetary there cause its so bloody awesome!! i cant wait to get back to it and take MAD CRAZY pics again. its so big!

i wish i had friends that wanted to go to shows. oh well, they to cool being all scene or something and not wanting to be seen at shows even though thats how ya get seen is when ya in the scene and go to shows. isnt that weird how people who think they all scene or whatever the crap they call it arent seen that much? am i the only one that finds that kinda funny? probably
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