unashamed (unashamed) wrote,

in columbus

so im in columbus. just got here. i was suppose to be here at 430 but i got here around 500 instead. i fell asleep watching willy wonka on dvd with the commentary. bruce woke me up when he was leaven. i didnt even wakeup when he left when it was over and when he went up stairs. i woke up when he came down the stairs, i must of been out of it.

last night rachele(why is it i dont remember how she spells her name?) made dinner for us all. she made stuff pasta with mannicoti(sp?) and a salad and garlic bread........it was sweet. it was the first real meal cooked there. so thank you rachele!

im now off to help joshua fix something along those same lines for dinner. you all take it easy now ya hear?
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